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Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney 1979-1982
Private Practice since 1983 with emphasis on Criminal Defense
In Excess of 400 Federal and State Criminal Jury Trials, consisting of State Misdemeanors and Felonies, including but not limited to Murder, Manslaughter, Rape, Robbery, Narcotics Sales, Narcotics Possession, Assault, Battery, Domestic Violence, Burglary, Federal RICO, Federal Fraud Conspiracies, Federal Narcotics Conspiracies, and Federal Death Penalty Cases

Noteworthy Federal Criminal Cases

United States v. Wang , Narcotics Conspiracy dismissed by the government after lengthy and complex pre-trial motion work;
United States v. David, 2009-Complex Medicare Fraud involving unlicensed nurse practitioners;
United States v. Reczko, 2007 – Manufacture and Importation of Child Pornography, Travel in Interstate Commerce for exploitation of minor; Defendant is facing Mandatory Life Sentence – Case is still Pending;
United States v. Yepiz, 2005 prosecution of the Vineland Boys Street Gang – defendant was charged with RICO Conspiracy involving the murder of a Burbank Police Officer together with a Narcotics Conspiracy;
United States v. Young, 2004 Bank Fraud Conspiracy trial- Bench Trial before the Honorable Edward Rafeedie resulting in a verdict of not guilty;
United States v. Stovall, 2004 – Narcotics conspiracy trial. Rule 29 Motion for Acquittal granted by the Honorable Gary A. Feess at the close of the government’s case;
United States v. Ahmed, 2004 – Largest Medical Fraud charged to date alleging a 40 Million Dollar Loss – two weeks of jury trial during which the government agreed to a six month custodial sentence as compared to a seven year prison term demanded prior to trial;
United States v. Graff. 2004 Complex Healthcare Fraud involving some 32 million dollar loss to consumers. Two month trial resulting in partial conviction and partial acquittal;
United States v. Langenhorst, 2002 prosecution of the Nazi Low Riders Gang. Defendant was facing a mandatory life sentence. After two months of jury trial, the government agreed to an 11 year sentence for defendant as opposed to the life term demanded prior to trial;
United States v. Terflinger , 2002 – Federal Death Penalty Case. Allegations against client involved murder and RICO Conspiracy committed in furtherance of the Aryan Brotherhood – Charges Ultimately Dismissed;
United States v. Barrios, 2000 – Federal Death Penalty Case before the Honorable Carlos Moreno – Mitigation evidence presented resulted in the the Government’s decision not to seek death.
United States v. Crisci, 2000 – Largest Narcotics Conspiracy of Marijuana charged in the United States to date. Defendants utilized Federal Express for interstate transportation of narcotics. Partial acquittal after four week jury trial;
United States v. Flores-Lesama, 1999 – Hostage Taking, Alien Smuggling-Two week jury trial in which the defendant was acquitted on all charges;
United States v. Jacobo, Federal Death Penalty Case before the Honorable David O’Carter, RICO prosecution of the Mexican Mafia. Defendant involved in a triple murder committed in furtherance of Mexican Mafia Activities- 9 month jury trial in which the defendant was acquitted on all charges;
United States v. Curtis- Honorable J. Spencer Letts Bank Fraud Trial – Rule 29 motion for acquittal granted after four days of jury trial;
United States v. Edner- Seven month jury trial before the Honorable Robert M. Takasugi. Defendant, a Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputy was charged with Conspiracy to violate individual civil rights, theft, perjury, and excessive force; Not Guilty Verdicts reached on substantive counts, Mistrial declared as to the Conspiracy Counts;
United States v. Burkhart- Two-week jury trial before the Honorable Wm. Matthew Byrne, Jr. Defendant, a securities broker was charged with securities fraud, wire fraud, and bank fraud.;
United States v. Linares – (1985) Motions and disposition before the Honorable A. Andrew Hauk. Defendant was charged with conspiracy to distribute 88 kilograms of cocaine. Disposition of 1 year and 1 day custodial sentence reached;

Federal Civil Cases

Gary Taylor v. Ventura County Sheriffs, et al. – Representation of defendant Todd Jones in Civil Rights Conspiracy action. Two week civil jury trial held before the Honorable David Williams;
United States v. $45,000.00- Jury trial before the Honorable Edward Rafeedie. Forfeiture action brought by the United States;
Raymond Mateyko v. Los Angeles Police Department, City of Los Angeles- Representation of Plaintiff Raymond Mateyko in a three week civil jury trial before the Honorable David V. Kenyon. Plaintiff’s verdict for violation of Plaintiff’s Civil Rights;
William Fai v. Nannell Corporation- Representation of Plaintiff, William Fai, in a three week civil trial before the Honorable Geraldine Mund of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California. This was an adversary action to prevent the discharge of a two million dollar debt. This matter included depositions and discovery conducted in Hong Kong pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

State Criminal Cases

People v. Gerami, (2012) Case is currently pending – allegations against concert promoters involving public corruption and embezzlement of funds from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum;
People v. Alexander, (2010) Allegations of Bribery against sitting Los Angeles Superior Court Judge and his campaign managers resulting from a Judge’s alleged offer to pay money in exchange for opponent dropping her election bid for a Judicial Seat in Los Angeles County;
People v. Gebre, (2010) Domestic Violence Trial resulting in an acquittal on all charges;
People v. Barken, (2009) Domestic Violence Trial resulting in a dismissal of all charges;
People v. Carver, (2009) Driving Under the Influence trial in Ventura County resulting in an acquittal on all charges;
People v. Boggs, (1990) State Death Penalty Case against a Board Certified Neurologist as a result of his participation in a murder conspiracy and murder for financial gain;
People v. Martinez, (1990) First Degree Murder trial involving a drive by shooting. After a two week trial, jury returned with a second degree murder verdict as opposed to the first degree conviction being sought;
People v. Brewster, (1985) Kidnap and Rape allegations against defendant. Four month Jury Trial resulting in a hung jury on all counts followed by dismissal of all counts.


University of California Los Angeles, Bachelor of Arts – History, Cum Laude
Southwestern University School of Law, Juris Doctor Degree

Currently Admitted to the Following Jurisdictions:

California State Bar -1979
New York State Bar- 1996
United States Court for the Central and Southern Districts of California
United States Court for the Eastern and Southern Districts of New York
United States Court for the Western District of Washington
United States Court for the District of Arizona

Judge Pro Tem Engagements:

Van Nuys Municipal Court
West Los Angeles Municipal Court

Speaking Engagements:

Guest Lecturer: California Trial Advocacy Seminars
California Association of Licensed Investigators
Group Attorney Conferences