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Manhattan Beach is an affluent community in Los Angeles, which known for having some of the most expensive home values in the state. The median residential home price is currently $1.8 million. Along with having picturesque architecture and high home values, this city is also home to many well-known sports and entertainment industry individuals, has a school district ranked third best in the state, and is an easy commute to Los Angeles.

Manhattan Beach has a low crime rate. In recent years, violent crime has decreased 7 percent; property crime has decreased 4 percent; and burglaries have decreased 10 percent. While larceny and theft have decreased approximately 4 percent, these crimes still make up the most common of those committed in the area.

Upholding the Rights of Manhattan Beach Residents

Manhattan Beach is a well-known and high profile community in California. Criminal defense attorney Larry M. Bakman understands the the lifestyles of Manhattan Beach residents and strives to defend their rights and those of their families.


There are two types of theft under California law: petty theft and grand theft. The charge is defined by the value of the property taken.

Theft crimes can be damaging to the way your community views and trusts you. Larry M. Bakman understands the severity of a theft charge and utilizes his past experience as a prosecutor to find holes in the other side’s case against a theft defendant.


In Manhattan Beach, shoplifting makes up the largest part of larceny occurrences, at 31 percent. Under California Penal Code §484, shoplifting is characterized as theft. The penalties for theft can be anywhere from a monetary fine to being incarcerated for up to one year.

A professional criminal defense attorney, Larry M. Bakman can help if you are charged with shoplifting by securing the best possible outcome for you. Our law office has the resources and tools needed to prove your defense and recognize the weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument.

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If you live in the Manhattan Beach area, the law office of Larry M. Bakman is here to provide the best possible results for your case, starting with a free consultation. We invite your email at or phone call on 310-553-5512.

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  3. Turn left onto N Sepulveda Blvd
  4. Turn right onto Rosecrans Ave
  5. Turn right onto the I-405 N/San Diego Freeway N ramp
  6. Merge onto I-405 N
  7. Take the exit toward CA-2/Santa Monica Blvd
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